Friday, September 21, 2018

Heard Around the World- Insurance Fraud – How it affects you

The people who commit insurance fraud are under the impression that the only one they are hurting is the insurance company; nothing can be farther from the truth. The perpetrators are not only costing the insurance company, they are also causing a ripple effect that can usually impact others around the community. Here a few ways in which insurance fraud can affect every individual, without even being involved:

Cost of Insurance

Insurance fraud is a growing concern in US; the number of insurance fraud cases in the country has been increasing every year. It has actually become a multi-billion dollar industry, with no signs of slowing down. As a result, insurance companies are raising the cost of premiums. The honest policy holders have to pay for the claims that are fraudulent; this is putting basic insurance coverage beyond the reach of average Americans.

Rise in Costs

The high premium costs affect people in two different ways; first the actual high premium costs that policy holders have to pay. Second, the insurance companies charge businesses more as well. These raised costs eventually filter down to the consumers as well. Businesses raise the costs of their products and services, which the consumers have to pay. So, once again insurance fraud can indirectly impact every individual.

Jeopardizing Peoples’ Lives and Property

People who commit insurance fraud often come up with dangerous and risky schemes to achieve their goals. These schemes can also endanger their coworkers, neighbors and the community at large.
·         Staging auto accidents for insurance can put the lives of other drivers on the road at risk.
·         Selling fake health insurance is another dangerous insurance fraud.
·         Burning down a property, home or business, to collect the insurance money is a very serious and dangerous fraud. There is no way to control or predict the behavior of the fire; it has the potential to engulf whole neighborhoods.
·         People often harm members of their family or business partners to claim their life insurance.
The information above clearly reveals the negative impact insurance fraud can have on every individual. It also shows the importance of a certified insurance fraud specialist, who can expose such individuals and protect the people. Firms like NSIU provide an excellent insurance fraud investigation service specially tailored for insurance professionals, so the community can be protected from fraudulent individuals.

Company Introduction

National SIU (Special Investigation Unit) is a professional investigation firm that specializes in surveillance and other services specifically for risk managers and insurance professionals. The organization’s main goal is to provide their clients with effective evidence which can be used to uncover the truth.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Insurance Fraud Among Most Costly Crimes Across America

Insurance fraud has been proven to be the second most costly crime taking place across the country, and it’s a crime that affects companies and consumers alike.

The statistics are staggering. In the United States, $80 billion per year is lost to insurance fraud. This cost directly affects consumers. According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, these cases are getting more and more diverse, and they leave a major impact on the insurance organizations involved.

Insurance fraud comes in various forms, including identify theft, claims, employee-agent, and hacking. Most states have laws dealing specifically with insurance fraud, and that’s what NSIU helps with - untangling webs of insurance fraud and helping stop the loss of funds.

NSIU - The Panacea to Fraudulent Claims

Every day, people deliberately file wrong insurance claims, and sometimes you are tempted to pay their claims. Insurance fraud is the second most committed offence, and it can only be dwarfed by tax evasion and fraud. The primary reason why the crime has taken a significant upward trend is a decline in insurance fraud investigation.

So as an Insurance adjuster, you have to be the middleman between two entities that intend to make profits off each other, and you can only do this efficiently by ensuring that only claims that are legitimate are paid off. Then the big question, how can you do this without some investigative backbone?

At this juncture, SIU steps in. As a nationwide investigative firm, we come in with our proven track record in both insurance fraud investigation, undercover surveillance and promptly report fraudulent insurance claims that borders on bodily injuries. This action enables the Insurer's adjusters to recommend the best approach to resolve the situation to the appropriate quarters.

As insurance fraud investigative experts, we make use of the best, most ethical approach and techniques in carrying out our surveillance operations thereby promoting the fidelity of our services and also protects your anonymity.  Our surveillance experts work round the clock to ensure that you not only get value for your money but that you can crack the current case and move on to another.

When reporting bodily injuries that occur in the workplace, most employees falsify figures. They hope to rip off insurance companies, but as an insurance adjuster, your goal is to get the fact, straighten it out and in the process, work out a tidy deal that saves your company a nice stash of cash while still operating within the boundaries of the injured employee's company insurance policy.

A safe way of doing this is to obtain hard, undeniable facts about the occurrence and to present the same to the individual when he attempts to file his fraudulent claims. Our team of undercover surveillance experts can help you grow flowers where you could only think of throwing dust. In short, we can help you find indisputable fact where you see nothing.

Do you know that every $1 invested in anti-fraud efforts has yielded a return of $6.17, nearly to the tune of $260.3 million per year? Don't you want to add your insurance firm to the list of those who have successfully taken the wind out of the sails of insurance claim fraudsters? So if you think our rates are high, you may be doing yourself more harm than is proper.

Think about how much you can save by investigating that claim, no matter how harmless it looks, bring our expertise in investigative services into the ball game and see how different it will all pan out. Our depth of expertise birthed by experience in investigative techniques that are appropriate in insurance claim frauds is what sets us apart from others in the industry.

Hire an insurance fraud investigative service that works - your company's financial statement will thank you for it.