Friday, February 10, 2012

8 Tips On Catching Someone In A Lie: Tip #7

In a 1996 University of Virginia study lead by Bella DePaulo they recorded a daily log of people age 18 to 71 in the amount of lies they told in a single day. For the 147 participants the average amount of lies they told were just over ten times a day. Of course in the study many of the lies were times where people were trying to be nice. Someone perhaps with a new haircut that looked "good". These types of lies outnumbered the outright denial of truth approximately 15 to 1. This still does not hide the fact that of the 147 participants only seven people could say they were completely honest.

So with this amount of lying going on how do you catch someone in a lie? In these next few blogs we will cover 8 different tips that you can key in on to catch someone in a lie. Now there is no perfect way of discovering if the person across from you is lying to your face or not. Even the polygraph (Lie Detector) only works about 80% of the time. The skilled liars may not "bat an eyelash" in a lie but for most of us there are certain things that give us away.

Tip#7 Gut Feeling
Have you ever found yourself listening to someone and this strange sense comes over you like an uneasy feeling deep in your soul? We often call it a gut reaction, "spider sense", and women often refer to is as women's intuition. The common person may not know where these feelings come from but often times this "six sense" is your higher intellect pinpointing something it saw or heard. Your mind, trying to process this information, throws up some red flags in your consciousness. Take for example the one time you asked someone how their day was going and they dawned the corporate smile and said everything was fine. But something in you just didn't connect the smile with the emotion they seemed to portray. Later you find out that your coworker was having a bad day or someone was ill in their family and the fake smile now made sense to you.

For the everyday person these gut feelings are unexplainable and seem to give us the senses of a superhero when in fact it was your highly intelligent mind processing factors that you just didn't catch on to. Paul Eckman, a renowned expert in lie detection, calls these factors micro-expressions. Scientist tell us that very brief expressions , usually only about 25th of a second long, portray our true emotions. It is withing this 25th of a second that the untrained eye or ear collects data that does not make sense to us. We catch on to that subconscious flash of true emotion which doesn't quite register with our mind. This is when we get that "gut feeling". So the next time you get that "gut feeling" or "woman's intuition" you may want to pay attention.

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