Friday, March 30, 2012

Why Use An Alive And Well Check

Alive and well checks are a great way to insure that a claimant who is receiving life-long benefits is still living and eligible to receive their claim. There are instances that may arise over time that can change the status of a long term claim. In some situations the claimant may pass away and the insurance company is not notified. The claimants family may unknowingly be collecting benefits even after the event of death or the family may be taking advantage of the system by not contacting the insurance company once the claimant has passed. Another instance is where the spouse of a claimant who passed remarries, making them ineligible to continue to receive benefits.

Just last month we had two instances where claimants had passed yet the families did not report them to social security or the insurance company. In one situation the claimant's spouse had been collecting benefits that did not belong to her for over two years. Alive and Well Checks are a low cost, quick service that can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our service is a simple, unobtrusive way to know that the benefits you are providing are being received by an eligible participant.

Red Flags:
  • Long term claim, 5 plus years
  • Difficult to get in touch with or contact actual claimant
  • Close family members become contact people for information regarding the claimant and the benefits
  • Use of a PO Box as mailing address
  • Questions from spouses regarding benefits in the event of the death of the claimant
  • Claimants 65 years and older

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