Monday, November 9, 2015

State police snare insurance fraud suspects

Louisiana State Police have obtained 18 arrest warrants for people accused of staging car accidents to defraud insurance companies. A state police news release said nearly a dozen investigations were conducted, but does not say exactly how many scams were uncovered. The fraudulent claims totaled more than $165,000, according to the release.

Investigators said the bulk of the combined exposure -- $110,000 -- involved a single scam involving eight individuals, two of whom were still at large. Police said 31-year-old Moses Baracks of New Orleans purposely rear ended his Chevrolet Suburban in a rented U-Haul truck that two accomplices rented. Baracks and six passengers then entered the Suburban while Temica Walker, 31, of New Orleans sat behind the wheel of the U-Haul, police said. All those involved claimed injuries after calling authorities.

Baracks and Walker were arrested along with New Orleans resident Norris Livas, 23, New Orleans resident Nelree Williams, 43, and 18-year-old New Orleans resident Faith Williams. Ashley Green, 32, was already in jail when the warrants were served on Sept. 28. Still at large in that case are New Orleans resident Keith Robertson, 38, and New Orleans resident Samara Egana, 29.
Suspects still at large in the other insurance fraud cases are as follows:
  • Archshana Young, 28, of Harvey
  • Danion Green, 37, of New Orleans
  • Tyron McClow, 39, of New Orleans
  • Albert Davidson, 64, of New Orleans
  • Ryan Clark, 30, of New Orleans
  • Colleen Brown, 34, of New Orleans

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