Wednesday, June 1, 2016

4 biggest benefits of working with NSIU

If you want the most experienced operatives in the business to investigate a possible insurance fraud, NSIU is the company for the job. Our investigators have access to the latest surveillance vehicles, digital cameras and undercover investigation technology, and are also required to have a 2-year degree in criminal justice, along with completing our 90-day training period. Read up on 4 reasons why we are the best insurance fraud investigation unit money can buy.

Success rate

We know about the kinds of evidence that stick in court, and the kinds that fraudsters can get away with. We focus on the former, and without wasting your money and our effort, we produce evidence of which 75% is enough to prove a fraud, while the industry standard is at a paltry 40% - 50%. Because while others watch, we investigate.

Our huge range of services

We also have a variety of tools in our arsenal that you can order for specific investigations. This includes Alive and Well checks, Activity Checks, obtaining statements from a claimant, a Social Media and Medical Records Canvass that can bring up the claimants’ history in both these areas, Background Checks, Covert Employment checks that can ascertain the claimant’s job title, current employer and start date, and general surveillance for tailing, observing and documenting any suspected fraudster. If you’re not sure of what services you need, we can provide you with a plan.
We offer a full spectrum of specialized services that can cater to all insurance fraud investigation needs. Our services include investigating disability claims, workers compensation claims, marine and property claims, liability and bodily injury claims, public liability, subrogation, slip and fall, and life and health claims.
For general purpose investigations, we also provide a neighborhood canvass, locate witnesses or claimants, procure witness statements and asset reports, investigate theft and accident scenes, carry out AOE/COE compensability investigations, and research and retrieve court archives.

Our methods

We are not your run-of-the-mill investigators with fancy tools and services – we take into account proven human psychology principles and various demographic and personal factors during and before our investigation. After verifying the address of the suspect claimant, we consider the importance of their age, their location, work habits and previous work schedule, and social and online activities to gather more insight into the likelihood of the fraud. The claimants may see our investigators in the guise of interested onlookers or casual customers, and their initial statement in regard to the insurance is recorded and carefully considered. We train our interviewers to include follow-up questioning that expands on any weaknesses in the claimant’s initial statement.

Our honesty

In our work, we respect all regulations and laws, and train our operatives to be as impartial and professional as possible, so that they do not “create” evidence, even unintentionally. “Innocent until proven guilty” is our guiding principle – while we scrutinize and tail all targets to the extent of our training, we will rather err on the side of caution than fabricate evidence in our analysis and documentation.
As a market-leader in fraud insurance claim investigation, NSIU offers a complete package of services, competence and integrity. If you suspect a fraudulent claim, contact us today.

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