Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Egg on His Face

In the history of the world, has any hypocrite ever been fair? (Nope.) A report has the story of an upstate New York diner owner who employed an anti-tax, anti-government brand to market his restaurant. The publicity might have been good for business, until he was discovered to have stolen from the very welfare programs he derided. (Check, please!)

According to the report, the diner’s menu quite artfully advertised the owner’s political beliefs with menu items, listed for the reasonable price of $3.59 plus an exorbitantly inflated tax of $27.99. (But free speech can leave a bad taste in your mouth when it’s served up with a side of hypocrisy.)

After the diner owner, along with his wife, were caught intentionally undervaluing their assets so they could collect more than $23,000 in Medicaid benefits, they pleaded guilty to offering a false instrument for filing, were forced to repay the money they stole and each were sentenced to one year of conditional discharge.

Moral of the story? Pilfering taxpayer-funded programs while dishing out insults about the government for providing them is a sure way to get burned.

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