Friday, July 1, 2016

Licensed or Unlicensed Insurance Investigators?

The fact, that investigators of all types don’t require an investigators’ license to operate, means that there are a lot of unlicensed investigators operating in the U.S. When people require the services of investigators, they have an option to hire either a licensed or an unlicensed investigator.
We are here to tell you why you should only work with licensed and certified investigators, like us. You don’t have to take our word for it; peruse the following information and you will learn why a licensed investigator is the best choice, every time:


The license or certification that an investigative agency has, proves that they have received relevant training for their profession. They will know the proper procedures and methods to carry out an investigation, without crossing any lines or breaking any laws.


The hours of work required to receive an investigator’s license varies with every state, but the stipulation is a requirement in every state. You can be sure that licensed investigators have hours of investigative work under their belt. This can ensure the clients that the agency they are working with has experience in conducting surveillance and other services that they offer.


You can go online and easily verify the agency that you have hired, when they are licensed. This is helpful when you are trying to make sure that you are working with a legitimate investigation firm.


Licensed investigators usually have their clients sign a contract, before beginning an investigation on their behalf. They are legally obligated to provide their clients with the services that they promised them, in the price that they promised them in. Unlicensed investigators don’t have any sort of legally binding contracts for their clients.


An agency like ours offers clients a flat rate, which allows them to save money during the investigations. They can be at peace about the expenses that the investigation will require, because they won’t be charged for anything else over the course of the investigation.
Licensed investigators create a reputation for themselves, which they have to protect at all costs. They always try to maintain the standard of services that they have set for themselves, so the clients can have the best experience of working with an investigator. So, contact us on 800-960-6748 for any type of insurance scam investigation or order our services by clicking here.

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