Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Woman Faked Cane Use In Workers Comp Fraud

A Livingston County woman has been arrested on charges she falsified injuries and feigned the use of a cane to fraudulently obtain more than $27,000 in workers’ compensation benefits to which she was not entitled.
Christine Weipert, 51, of Genesee St.,, Mount Morris, was arraigned in Mount Morris Village Court on charges of third degree grand larceny, third degree insurance fraud, first degree falsifying business records and the Workers’ Compensation Charge of fraudulent practices, all felonies.
An investigation by Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott found Weipert reported she was injured
in August 2013 while unpacking a printer at the Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES where she worked as a computer service assistant. Since then, Weipert has been receiving weekly workers’ compensation benefits while repeatedly asserting to medical examiners that she was unable to work, sit or stand for prolonged periods, and that she needs a cane to walk.

The investigation, which included a review of her social media activity, found she used a cane only when attending medical exams or a hearing before the State Worker’s Compensation Board, and that at other times she engaged in normal activities without any apparent impairment. 

Prosecutors say Weipert was separately observed by law enforcement officers in her hometown walking without any limp or cane, and in the fall of 2015 filed documents with her employer’s workers compensation administrator attesting that she was unable to work and had difficulty driving and walking because of her injury. 

Weipert has been receiving workers’ compensation benefits in the amount of $585 per week and since being observed without any impairment, received more than $27,000 in benefits to which she was allegedly not entitled. 8-10-16

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