Wednesday, February 10, 2016

South Carolina insurance costs rise as insurance fraud increases

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC — South Carolina ranks 7th in the country when it comes to the number of staged car accidents. That type of insurance fraud is costing the average consumer money, according to the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office. The office met with national insurance investigators during a summit in Greenville this week.

They discussed ways to cut down on insurance fraud in our state. On average, 25% of insurance premiums go to covering fake insurance claims.

“These are the types of things that as an agent you hear about someone putting in an insurance claim, it sounds a little fishy, but it moves on through the process,” said Heather Bosse, a Mount Pleasant insurance agent.

Attorney General Alan Wilson says the state does not put enough money into combating insurance fraud. Other states spend 15-25 times more than South Carolina.

Laurie Langford, a private investigator with Tracker Investigations in the Charleston area says not as many insurance companies are hiring private investigators to look into insurance fraud as they used to. She thinks that may be the reason insurance fraud is going up.

“I think that a lot more people were getting caught when they were hiring more investigators to look into it. I think a lot more people are getting away with it with less surveillance around them and less actual investigation into the suspicious claims,” said Langford.

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