Wednesday, February 10, 2016

With a flat pricing rate, NSIU offers affordable insurance investigation services to clients

Don’t worry about the investigation being more expensive than the fraud!

April 22nd 2015, Schaumburg, IL – Insurance investigations can lead to big savings in preventing settlements for fraudulent claims. On average, every dollar invested in a fraud investigation yields $6.17 in saved claims, or a total of around $260m a year. Insurance companies are suffering growing losses due to fraud, which total approximately $80bn annually.

NSIU is a top private investigations firm, which caters to a myriad of investigation needs such as background checks, surveillance, alive and well checks, and more. Companies like these are the answer for insurance firms being swindled by their clients – their highly trained insurance fraud investigators have access to cameras, surveillance vehicles and other covert observation gadgetry, and can easily observe suspected insurance fraudsters and document evidence of the fraud. This could be a video of a claimant walking despite claiming insurance for a broken leg, or a recording of a statement in which the claimant unwittingly reveals the fraud. They may approach the suspects in the guise of someone needing help with the car, or help with carrying something heavy, so that the reality of any claimed injuries is exposed. For days, these sleuths tail the suspects, monitoring times and levels of activity, continuously relaying any progress that they make to the clients.

“Our operatives are some of the most trained and qualified ones in the business,” says a company representative. “We require each of our investigators to possess at least a 2-year degree in criminal justice and complete a 90-day training period. This not only makes them capable investigators, but also honest ones. Evidence must only be documented, and never created or forced unethically.”

The company goes out of its way to provide a feasible solution to its clients, who may be looking for simple cohabitation or employment checks rather than a 7-day surveillance. It provides a flat rate for its services, which includes 4 or 8 hours of undercover observation on-site per day and related expenses. This allows clients to opt for additions to a service without having to pay extra. For example, all statement services have a flat rate, for which clients get a recording and summary of the service. Similarly, any kind of canvassing service has a flat rate of $150.00 for each different kind of facility that the client wishes to be canvassed, with a package of $400.00 for a combination of hospital, pharmaceutical lab and chiropractic facility. Clients can easily and cost-effectively order a service, without having to worry about hidden costs and variable bills.

“NSIU exists to protect its clients from financial damage,” said the spokesman. “This principle carries into our pricing policies, where we have kept fixed and convenient costs for groups of services. The client need not be concerned about what each individual sub-service costs – they pay only what they agree on.”

NSIU – A History

NSIU is one of the nation’s premier insurance investigation firms, with a huge catalog of investigation services for both insurance and private clients. With top of the line services, surveillance equipment and operatives, they have consistently produced better results and greater savings than their competitors for over 20 years.


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Phone: 800-960-NSIU (6748)

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